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Why work with us?


Detailed Assortments

Starlite Diamonds has created a unique industry standard for Detailed Assortments, offering products in multiple polished sizes, colours, clarities & makes, resulting in a wide range of standardised product SKUs.

A key differentiator is the quality of our products and consistency of assortments across volumes, and this is achieved with a very low rejection rate.


One Stop Shop

The key to a beautiful piece of jewellery is the use of the right stones

Starlite Diamonds One Stop Shop service eases our customers’ procurement efforts, by allowing them to source a wide range of products without having to initiate and manage multiple vendor relationships, and their complexities, including issues on quality, price disparity and supply continuity.

Our historic presence, industry knowledge and diversity of products enable us to offer products that may not form part of our ‘Core Product Specialisation’.


Microscope Sorting & Grading

Starlite Diamonds addresses the needs of its high-end retail customers and watch/jewellery brands through its microscope sorting and grading service.

This process ensures that every stone is checked under the microscope, resulting in the highest degree of quality in terms of colours, clarity and make.

The customer’s exact requirement is thus fulfilled.


Calibrated Sizes

Starlite Diamonds offer calibrated sizes to customers who require precise measurements. For calibration we gauge a number of factors, which include breadth, length and diameter to name a few.

For customers such as high-end jewellery manufacturers, watch/jewellery brands, this process saves time on sorting and more importantly, gives them the precision in terms of size that they require. It also frees up related investments in skilled manpower and equipment.

As a result, our customers can focus on the more critical aspects of watch / jewellery manufacturing.



Being a part of the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) in the diamond and jewelry industry is paramount. It signifies your commitment to ethical sourcing, sustainability, and responsible business practices. By joining RJC, you contribute to a global community that ensures the integrity of the industry, fosters consumer trust, and secures a brighter, more sustainable future for both the trade and the planet. It's not just a membership; it's a symbol of your dedication to responsible practices that benefit your business and the world at large.


Becoming a part of the Antwerp World Diamond Center (AWDC) in the diamond and jewelry industry is a strategic decision with far-reaching benefits. AWDC, located at the heart of the global diamond trade, offers unparalleled access to a wealth of industry expertise, networking opportunities, and resources. It provides a platform to connect with key stakeholders, gain insights into market trends, and stay at the forefront of innovation. Furthermore, AWDC's commitment to ethical and sustainable practices aligns your business with the highest industry standards, enhancing your reputation and credibility. Being a member of AWDC is not just an affiliation; it's a testament to your dedication to excellence in the diamond and jewelry sector.


Joining the BVD is a pivotal move for anyone in the diamond and jewelry industry. This prestigious institution, known for its rich heritage, provides a unique environment for networking, trading, and knowledge exchange. Being a part of the Bourse means accessing a world of expertise, market insights, and opportunities, enabling you to thrive in this highly competitive field. Your membership here also signifies your commitment to the highest standards of ethics, transparency, and integrity, essential qualities that build trust and reputation in the industry. In the diamond and jewelry sector, being associated with the Bourse of Diamond Business is not just a membership; it's a symbol of excellence and credibility.


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