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House of Finest Natural Diamonds

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Who are we?

Our journey began over 40 years ago when we first set foot and established ourselves in the world re-known diamond mile in Antwerp, Belgium. Starlite Diamonds established itself as one of the finest wholesalers offering high quality precision cut diamonds. Our brand became synonymous with fine jewellery & watchmaking houses among a large clientele, both local and international. At Starlite Diamonds, we are proud of what we are supplying - nothing less than the best!

Our clients come first

At Starlite Diamonds, every customer is treated as an important member of our business. We believe in building long-term customer relationships, and maintaining our clients credibility by providing complete confidentiality and consistency in our services.
It is the remarkable confidence in our finest diamonds and consistent services that our extensive and repetitive clients stand as testimonials to our growth and success.
Empowered with over four decades of rich experience and knowledge in the wholesale diamond segment, our clients have weaved our path into the position that we stand at today.

Our presence since 1982 has allowed us to curate the perfect diamond that fits into our client's requirement. we are proud to say that with our global network, we are always able to pass the benefit to our clients. whether it comes to price difference or choice of stone - we ensure to educate and allow clients to choose for themselves.

Retail & Wholesale

when we started expanding, we discovered more clients needed specific calibrations and precise measurements as well. Our team works hard to always deliver and it really is a sign of expertise and excellence. If you have any questions about buying or selling, or if you’d like to know how else we can cooperate, please get in touch today.

In Depth Market Knowledge

In the dynamic realm of the diamond and jewelry industry, staying abreast of new innovations and technologies is crucial to delivering the best to our customers. As technology advances, it opens doors to enhanced design, craftsmanship, and ethical sourcing practices. By diligently keeping pace with these developments, we ensure that our products reflect the latest standards in quality and sustainability. This commitment not only underscores our dedication to excellence but also allows us to offer our customers the most refined and ethically crafted diamonds and jewelry. In an industry where precision and beauty converge, our relentless pursuit of innovation positions us to provide our customers with a truly exceptional and forward-looking experience.

The “Starlite” Experience

At Starlite Diamonds, our promise is unparalleled consistency and quality of the finest diamonds. Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for detailed quality control and a supply that is reliable and consistent.

Through our extremely strict standards, we ensure the diamonds that make their way to our clients are skilfully crafted to perfection.

It is our persistence and effort to be well known as a supplier of choice for many high-end jewellery houses, and we strive to work every day to continue to earn that distinction.


Hoveniersstraat 30, Office 129, First Floor, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium


+32 3 233 87 66


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