The “Starlite” Experience

At Starlite Diamonds, our promise is unparalleled consistency and quality of the finest diamonds. Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for detailed quality control and a reliability of supply that is insurmountable.

Through our extremely strict and structured manufacturing process, we ensure the diamonds that make their way to our clients are skilfully crafted to perfection.

It is our unrelenting effort to be well known as a supplier of choice for many high-end jewellery houses, and we strive to work every day to continue to earn that distinction.

3 Words we live by:

Perseverance - our constant effort and will to go above and beyond serving our clients

Passion - create a connection with every individual along the chain that creates a fruitful and reciprocative relationship

Excellence - striving to perfect each step of the client’s journey when working with us

Competitive Prices

We manufacture and source diamonds directly which helps you seamlessly buy at unbeatable competitive prices.

Starlite Diamonds Guarantee

We stand by our brand promise – guaranteed precision cut diamond quality. Each diamond is skilfully crafted and screened to ensure the quality is measured to fit exceptional standards.

Customer is King (or Queen)

Our customers are the heart of our story. All our efforts converge into making every experience of yours delightful and one that brings you back to us for more.



Wherever you are in the world, whenever you want any information, we have the local expertise and the global reach you need.

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